Wednesday, February 21, 2018

How many times...#IDFC

Answering this little riddle, sitting up thinking at night, without a girlfriend or a wife to be reached. 3 times a thing in is triplicate, the military style, and way, IV and it's the Cypress Hill. Double AA ball is local around here (Rivercats), One time is never enough. 420 High times advertisings make the marketing business tick and whirl. Changing and editing things online, my presence, even upgrading a password once. Buzzed my head and clicked away building a new playlist (youtube.com/langenth) for Late Night at the Casa. Just liked Jim Cramer and hopefully made some friends on Facebook on the subject of that Mad Money. Investing is funny, Apple went down, but their supplier went up. Reflecting my days as a drug dealer. A little rant on trap club about Rachel and Melana, forgot about Amanda and that girl, Kate Upton - IDFC, Shelby your brother's girlfriend was a smoking match.

Still have to finish editing my FB, that ModSquad application is like a datamine op again. On that interview, I basically could have put all that onto my profile and given him the link. But didn't realize until later that it wasn't finished. After the fact, I have to go search out that email. Update it ento. Speaking of which just contacted them and sent them an email (en.to) about purchasing their domain for owning the company or at least working with them remotely. Give me a discount and call me a subscriber #smh


Don't Write Below This Line. [(another good chapter, a book, and/or an idea for a movie (title)].

I've always wanted to do one of those secret writing. You know when you get the official looking paper and like a check. I've stared at it before and tried to remember what the name of the bank was that issued it because I liked the design and wanted to use it for the paper to write on. Looks really attractive, enticing! Just like Christopher Landon York, you got a pen, some ideas, but you have A run out of room or B you can't write what you want on it because you have to turn it in, and C it's illegal to fraud a check. Made me think really clearly, or it could be I was taking my fucking medicine.

But you only really learn that citing a reference thing in college. At least that's where I learned it because I never got that far in high school and was wondering the whole time why I was having a rough time leaving people out of my writing. It was never complete and a Doctor would look at me like I was crazy because, yeah it didn't make sense to him and now in hindsight, it would really be worth my time now that I know what I know (about school).

To write on of those ideas, like the secret. Just like the secret that it is. Let's go, I am not u. I made a million dollar last year. Such a sales pitch for people who believe it in the first place. Because you say it, represent it, it must be true. Huh, Hyungah Limitless?

Now going on an on I'll probably get hit upon for ONLY some Korean word translations and meanings with no sex in the champagne room. LiveMocha.com was cool, (again I don't leave enough reviews), eBay would fall apart if I did. Tho I did leave reviews on google to get me started. Answering a question you should have been there before, as in-class. Is something I'd want to get paid for. I see why the internet doesn't work exactly without hundreds of thousands of man hours put into it. Can't be a hermit and work the book alone, it just wouldn't work and would drive you insane in the membrane, if you're lucky.

Going to start reading some blogs and clicking next on a few. Because I'm bored and hadn't reached nor fucked that bitch in a while. She's going to kill herself, RIP Sarah Wilson and RIP the gogo girl Christine Walker, and I still don't know what it means that nice guys finish last. But maybe that's what it means when these hoes die off. Makes me sick. Finally figured it out. ):


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hella easy. I just bought my first share of stock. #stockpile #booyah #hella #easy #Apple #valentinesday2018 #goals

I just bought my first share of stock. #stockpile

So, I jumped on board an bought my first share of Apple (:AAPL) #Apple "HAPPY Valentines' Day," 2018 and set up a recurring charge to transfer in $20 on the first of every month.

Got my gym membership. #24hourfitness since the last posting and am going with Esau Caldwell tomorrow. Riding with him. Big party on the 24th here at our #bfg house that's 5br and mostly empty. I imagine a lotta people over here to fill this place up.

Kris and Kristenson are fucking each other. LOL hate hearing that shit in the next room with the air mattress squeaking. "How does that feel?" LMAO hahahahahahahahahaaaha

Anyways #brokeasf

#Dropbox, #Youtube, #Hulu, and motherfucking #Netflix are knocking at my door with their hands out asking for subscription money. I still like #HBO, but it's an expenditure starter. Have to continue to keep suspension on buying anything as soon as I come into this money. Hopefully, I get Esau's job.

Assessing and doing interviews with a few different companies. Fuck little sears and their bullshit ass jobs. I hate retail, honestly, I can't even say I really even like my side hustle. Makes me wonder if I really did as I stare there heartbroken at my #KateUpton poster on the wall.

Really makes me want to reward myself with a fish tank I've been looking at. #liltimmy #godbless #eachoneofusall can't afford a dog although I think I really want to get a #basengi now as there are actually two #minpin mixes up for adoption out of #Hesperia in greater #LACounty.

Today marks the set in motion of all those things happening. Saying I get my top two choices for jobs.

Alone #asf thinking about my options. But don't really feel there is anything to talk about. I can just never afford a #hoe because she doesn't do shit FOR me. I should be focusing on owning a home and playing golf. So that's what I'm going to do AND ALTHOUGH I don't have any immediate plans to invest in real estate, it's what I've got to do. Goals accomplished. Now, I know, I have to raise my credit score by paying off debt. I'm just now sprouting from having no assets and -40k in debt. Living next door to the whatever #trans #sexuals from Alaska.

Karma's good I guess had 2 fine hoes over to the house the other night. Thinking now about if I really want my book to be edited into Berkely politics format. It's kind of closure for the previous #anarchy.

Swear to God, I have the working title of my book as, "An American Identity". It immediately makes me think about my experience attempting to be a #fraud and a #hacker. Dumb shit like learn about a driver's license in High School so that I could process checks correctly at my dumbass grocery store job. It wasn't exactly from the movie #Clerks. It was the gangsta version. I ended up getting an award for that. But no money. Graduation, no money. My College fund has no money and never did for that matter.

Everybody's on some dumb shit. Oh well, back to my old self it's like a long con waiting for my parents to die. Hell, that's all I have, although I look forward to an inheritance that should be pretty sizeable. A property with 2 houses and a military pension. Here ya go, Tim Hee Langenderfer. Do and have nothing with it in the meantime. #Boringasf #lol

Missing my imaginary Asian niggas Fong Bros and Limitless. Even though they hail from Washington and Vegas headed to LA like me. Even though saying those kinds of things immediately put my stomach into a knot for not telling any of my friends on #Facebook. Praying to open up a dialogue with the good ones.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

UPDATES...Just tried to update my CIC doctor, created a gofundme page (again), and still at square 1. New place has a trans housemate who shares a bed with his friend. Fraternizing with the house plans.

I hate when I write something. I just wrote this perfect little letter to my doctor. One I haven't evaluated, something I was doing. Then for security, my session times out and my message is lost. Oh fucking well, send another message to their little beaurocratic country of a company to fix their website when I'm working for them for free. I've probably sent 100 complaints to their site at Kaiser and only gotten calls back saying they need more information when I did NOT want to talk about those kinds of HIPPA things in public. Some kind of law was just broken there and I should probably talk to a lawyer about suing. But that is neither here nor there. I don't have money for an attorney nor will I probably even remember to bring that sort of thing up.

SO anywho I created a GoFundMe page to see if anyone from way back when on Facebook will even check it, to even read my post, to even donate money after a total loss. Kind of burnt everything and everybody out on there trying to talk to people while I was mentally ill. But nobody had answers to anything. Education is the answer but apparently, nobody is even going to school really since high school aside from a small number of people I knew since junior high. Still, have no money or recourse from that total loss. I wonder if Hector Roach would even donate to me had seeing that link or finding it since he was the one who caused the problem to begin with by donating everything I owned on the face of the planet.

Aside from that, my new housemate situation includes a trans, (dude with tits) and its ok. Not a bad person, just from my Dad's point of view it's an atrocity and the guys a monstrosity. I don't really hold anything to it, other than we (Esau and I, another housemate) had planned on getting a hot tub but little panties in a bunch didn't want to get one because of the whole, "Dude, you got tits." thing that would be inevitable. I can see the point but come on your holding up the works Kris, just because you have tits we don't get a hot tub and get to play around with having girls over for a little fraternizing? Man, that kind of kills it for here. I don't think they'll go for buying the pool table, trampoline, or that hot tub. Oh well save about $500 bucks but still. That's another year of my life wasted for lack of things to do. Headed for a dart board, tiki torches, a fire pit too. We'll see. Although I'll probably waste another year of my life, towards nothing. Well, we might actually see once and if my Dad gets his pension through the military. He's already said multiple times he wants to buy me everything. A house, a car, pay my bills, even pay my debt. That'll all be good and grand but right now it means nothing. Because the guys on disability just like I am. Doesn't work, doesn't go to school, is doing and has been doing nothing but waiting on these so-called millions to come in from this VA disability check. This thing is supposed to be his retirement but I really doubt if he gets more than $50k hearing the rest of the stories out there about settlements and since he's been waiting over 20 years, although in thought Trump just put an end to the waiting game and it should be on like Donkey Kong if this ever comes through.

Hey, I've never won a lawsuit in my life, never had a cop help me out once, never needed a doctor. I've always been pretty poor like my dad, minus the housing bubble of the 90's. But I missed the tech bubble investments, missed bitcoin, missed a slew of tech companies and a shitton of stocks I'd have invested in had I never taken such losses. It's staggering. Taking as many losses as I've taken. It's like the Russians in WW1 and their not expendable either in my case. I don't know how to deal with loss, other than to grieve, or move on and forget about it. But how do you move on when life doesn't change, there's no change in it. Not like I can afford to go take a cruise or jet off to Japan. Neither of which I've ever done, but it's on my bucket list.

I put together a slew of goals, which'll definitely get me laid if they are ever funded. Make me happy, keep me interested in life, make me feel like I belong, and an all-around better person. Added them to my rad little android Keep app I had forgotten about. Having played that position it still puts into my mind from soccer about potentially making a landfall eventually with an entrepreneurial outcome. I'm still interested in it, I just don't even have a few close friends with any skillsets to go in along with an endeavor of that sort or magnitude. They need apps that cross borders with Apple for Android especially now that I have a Chromebook. I can't access, Albert (meetalbert.com) which is a great saving app and is the only way I can save money with little to no money to begin with. I'm acutally happier and better off it's taking with $7-$8 a week out of my account and saving it. Because usually I'm so used to spending everything I have on things. Things I really could just go without. Just dumb shit, I tried to order an Amazon Dot 3 times and canceled every time due to lack of money. It just seems silly though that I should cash out my saving of a few weeks for a dot and have nothing there.

Again, can't access my gift cards on my iPhone, nor can I access them through an app or from icloud.com because the feature isn't even offered and is an inkling of an idea for now from a tech standpoint. They have those credit cards that hold like 20 of them and are electronic. But they cost a few hundred dollars and I was going to get one to hold all my gift cards because after a few years I had thousands of cashed out ones and it would've been a lot easier to use that besides making me feel much more elite had been using it. I still would have come out ahead in the gift card game anyway.

I was really thinking I need to get copies of all my tax transcripts and sit down and really examine my life after I get that filing cabinet I'm looking at to go beneath the new L-shaped desk that I got for school, hasn't gotten here yet. This book I'm reading for business is really the same thing as life. Life as in business, your life is your business, you are your business. As I was told before, and now I realize it. It's a long hard road to this major, just discovering it--business. I imagine most people have some sort of family or friends influencing them but I scarcely had anything to go upon. As I can imagine I see that many people just don't do college because they have no direction of what they want to do as a career and major in.

I wish I hadn't been so fucked up. I could have been on Keys to the VIP when the show was running, I knew my stuff. Forgotten it all now. Have to try to get into the new theplace.click and download all the old Mystery Venusian's Arts and relearn over the summer. Got to try to get an invite though, going to be tough. Going to be going back to blackhat since I'm so broke and even if I got my $10k of student loans it would cost too much to afford to pay for the course or a camp. Wished I'd been on MTV partying, the joker in my life was Scottyman Claxton. Diego Ivan Vera is the sound advising voice of reason even though he's a recovering meth addict of 6 months clean now currently, the guy is a lawyer though. Smart, majoring in English even bilingual too--but that's a given as it's his culture.

One of my goals is to learn German, I'm so attracted to the language, but then I'll probably have to go to a meetup.com or hopefully luckily find a club I can join to even use it. Travel to Germany one day and have the whole Langenderfer experience. See what that's like, maybe even find my wife.

Been a long time since I've had a laptop, a comfortable bed, a place, and lighting enough, with time to myself to blog. I know nobody really blogs, but getting over my sticking point of being quiet. I masturbate in silence, I really should be vocal but off this Strattera, I get really paranoid as I know everybody does vlogs on youtube nowadays and nobody really writes. I'll have to get to that. Hopefully, my circle of friends includes the tech savvy and I can learn from their leeching off others, their souls of what they know. OR I guess I can go the route of scouring the internet. I did see a meetup about youtubing, but I'm not in the position with equipment right now to do that.

Definitely, have to make some Silicon Valley connections, maybe look up Johnny Nipper or my family in South Korea. Although communication is limited either way.

#Kaiser #Facebook #GoFundMe #giftcards #history #savings #albert #totalloss #Youlittlecockaroach #new #housemate #trans #summer #house #goals #pua #theplace.click #Langenderfer

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fuck I his country, ic Eyad nothing good happen to me. There is no closed line to communicate. I can't get anyone to help me with anything because I haven't passed an AST. Been nothing but tortured robbed and harrassed here in making it great again america trump. Niggers keep destroying my thoughts. With their fucking stalking. Christian  a faggot and thief of my time. Fuck song. No food. Homeless legally. No phone cops took all friend with step father away fuck John Bernhard Thuersam. This is fucking garbage ic  been nothing but lied to al my life John Bernhard thrust San should die for what John did to me. That's not about it even ther. There's nothing even about this. Satan work shipping do your hrresearch they are all communists.  Lckinf m from talking to anyone my whole life is just work and loss of everything on my side. You expect me to keep it real ? Everyone involved in this should be free cling killed.  I'm a fucking student you can't talk directly to me as a stud n t ? I'm his is fuck g. Ullsbit. I got lucky a girl died. Jobn wants to genocise he whole church and nobody can even talk about it because it's too secure and military or something. This fucking computer keeps hacking me off of what I'm actually trying to type. The only people reading this are fucking enemies anyway. Give me my shit back. What are you going to do dump it? In the middle of the street or give it to a bunch of fucking people that didn't earn it ? Tired of getting fucking robbed and having the whole of everybody fucking knowing it it's quite plain that everybody want a fucking baby to pop out or fu king book up or fuck shit. Every ugly mother fuck less son of a bitch wastes my fucking to everything. Steal from me all the fucking the me. I'm probably never going to reach anyone I could possibly use because this is ground to ...

Cant type positively I'm tested negative abs . Fuck no one will talk to me within it me fucking them and paying them. This is garbage. I can't even call 9-11 because now since I'm working to stay dissed at everyone has to over hear everything and there is no way to stay ... I have to sit around waiting for the nigger to bug my ear in the morning and worry above it every gangster showing up tomorrow to fuck with me some more. Mother fucking stupid law and positions they have. I need to fucking leave but I can't now. I felt stalked and harrassed to stay here.

Jesus fucking Christ leave the door open to remember to leave but you can't because the architect will kill you same damn thing. I fucking want to die and shit no money and no one to talk with. No meaning for making money any fucking way. Probably leaving this fucking dump it a rat hole

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The end of the book.

I want to move to Los Angeles and learn to surf safely. I just had my book stolen, fuck the police. I told them twice. They said some dumb shit like what do you want us to do? Obviously you need to go catch some criminals. That mother fucker who went by the name Gary Webb from outsource.com who Anthony Pavone was right about the comment I heard in my head is that you'll really like to enjoying fucking these people up imprisoned. I don't know what to do or who to tell. I want to fucking riot. I don't know what to say or do any more after staying positive and hearing about Jason's heart conditioning from dumbshit like you have to know coca-cola is an instagram drug. Because I don't know what else to right endlessly, perfection is hard to reach. From here I don't know if I'm going to believe in this made up scam. It looks to me I have the same damn narcissistic pieces of shit not tolerating what I wished to do in life. Nothing to talk about, found a loophole that has nothing to do with anybody. Keep writing about the same people's problem to me to be easy. That was easy and that's about it. Now what am I supposed to believe forthcoming evidence of what has been replaying. What am I supposed to do keep it happening? Put in a damn mile of space and hit damn dun. I think I believe in a better reality then I've had to dodge before, fucking retarded. Fuck you and a satellite problem I can't deal with yet. I have no solution for anything but to be above it all and the properties below the federal levels. There's nothing to fucking say. Even though I feel like my badge of honor should let me end my listening problematic enough. Keep writing if you want to, but I'm getting very disturbed at the hypocrisy of these qualities. I find I'm not entirely able to use my I don't know what to put into the app but I can't use it as your right and that's a thousand words or something I can't ever even do and that's about it.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I'm really tired of being the one jerked off without words.

Now that nothing is over, I don't really know if people are dead or not. I've only come to the conclusion people really are cops and that's the way it has to be. Except I'm absolutely positive that I know I've been ripped off for my time like any military soldier has been or civilian of what they know. Every location I've ever been there is always some asshatted motherfucker using me up in my time and energy of thoughts. Every fake fraudulent pranking son of a Bitch. I really think about the military numbers and wonder if they even exist. Because since everything is so overprotect, how do you reach out to any of them? They are always running around walking fast in camoflauge placeholding shit for some other motherfucker hunting on their life.  Placated by porn and it's strange delivery systems. Since I've had to wait all my life for a real fucking relationship without interference, I'm obviously so poor now still fucking waiting for it to happpen. Endless like interviews of conspiratorial ugly and poor people. Waste my fucking time in my head. Now everything I've written goes up on down and out to a mainstream media. Trying to sue people with a chopped up line of defense and an educational deficit as well. So much wrong shit has happpened to me. People are fucking insane and that makes me insanely brilliant...

Friday, July 14, 2017

I want to kiss and girl so bad and have her pick up the phone when I call. For her to be around me and at her place when I randomly popping in. I don't want to have to deal with signs of a bad relationship. Communication is the most important thing, even between friends and staying that way. There's nothing to explain when no words are spoken. Fuck, make me believe in a truth to send me in a better direction for once in my life instead of in the wrong one. I would like a UCLA babe to be my girlfriend. Strange to see them never around and approaching me, ignoring the wrong ones. I can't find the time to go to these places I'd like to go. There's just too many questionable people putting me on the defensive. I want to blow up at the mighty pushing their shit at me.