Monday, September 19, 2016

Opinion 3174

and that's where it went. It took so long to get into my computer to load it up and attempting battery AND breaking my arm in in away halfeeds. The big h bombs of shit I just dropped and then attemping to find more information in my life. but w secrect hoops. there are not enough pick up people in the network. For me it's almost a federale felony to own a felony, I really know I'm in the wrong stock picks. For example I went to Apple's bees B grade facility and today for a glass of the pinot and the only ones who spoke to me in my beta eta psi where the one sounding like a selling woodfire steak and the girl who was complaining to me in a min pin about her lack of tips. Then the standout attorney that approached me was only interested in what I was drinking because of the intellectual copyrights to a new ty

Thursday, September 15, 2016

I never get to say what I'd like to say.

Really not sure what to say any more. Felt like I was doing chapter work and now that I'm not able to do that any more . I don't know what to say . Know I'm lacking education and need some more friends who share there is no us without us, really feel bad about myself having to explain things. Going to try to continue forwards with the 5 honors courses requirements. But still don't have the abilify to get done with what I need to get done. I know I've been psychistrized and tortured. I'm been laired agaisnt. I'm not happy. This is just a bunch of complaints to nobody. Really feel like I'm stuck in a plaugurized __________ conversation. Never having anyone on the phone. But I know I need to call 9-11. I tried to get my mental history fully recorded. But had no assists in that marketing. I really am not sure why I can't get past ok in conversations yet. It's very difficult being told I'm supposed to. marry for business, and driven in a way forwards against what ever people do in her life . I'm tired of not having anyone to talk to. But I'm stuck here being alone. There is nothing else to say. I don't want to be available for some foreigner . I hate my history. I'm not even able to find much strength in my character. There is always a side that works against the arts, ;stuck here thinking about the science of it all. I have so many flaws I have to perfect. I am not sure why I'm still here looking like i do. I don't understand so many topics. My mind is unable to complete everything that I wanted to achieve. Not sure what else to do. Realize I'm a loser, my team. My men are what they are. I try to bring encouraging words uncomplicated. Nobody gets me. I'm still here in this office that doesn't exist. Trying to complete things I'm not even sure I want the office any more. We are just here dealing with  You know what. what we hear, what we see, what we smell, and who we can't communicate with. Not much here to talk about.

There is this Army under Air Force battle that is a raeal thing. It's a dead zone. But not like the commerical Mitsubishi. I know I'm not able to enjoy where I've been placed. I'm not happy with being in the the games I've played. I was raised by the wrong person. and know I don't want to lose my firsts strongest voice. I still have friends honestly. They help. But are not always in the present. Sell to peope. I'm stuck here not being approached. I'm also 4 people under in the my car. They don't help. They just dirty and complain and think they are software intellectuals. Asking me all kind of questions to expalin. I'm not interested. I have no way too.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Fuck you microsoft.

Yes I know I didn't edit. Yes I know your a bitch to me. Fuck you google. Fuck you apple. Fuck you intel. FUCK YOU.

I need a better opinion on my appearance.

I don't think anybody is going to care enough around here to do anything but tell me some dumb shit like, give me a compliment online (on the internet). So I can be able to keep up with myself. I'm not going to rely on people difficult with me. I don't know what an SSO payment is. But I found myself tonight. Just getting harrased by cops. That's the way it happened. I'm not a DJ, I'm not a rapper. I haven't sold drugs for a living, but I'm a liar and I give it up. I just quit smoking. Really I'm just trying to be positive and be able to rid myself of fraudulent unamerican items in my posession. I really don't care about money that much, honestly. Because of me just lying about that yeah. I did like Win's book about automatically making payments for most things. But I still haven't gotten my 6K, from work. Or whatever. Credit card is stacking up. Running out of money. But it is a Friday and I just got paid. Los Rios should fucking let me know in Triplicate when I get paid. This is ridiculous. The girl at the gas station was cute. Although I didn't approach. I'm just really busy. Homework is saying she is going to make eye contact with me. I know I'll get an A in that class it's history.

Trying to deal with updating, but; it's a slow little project. I wish I could get more friends involved through school, but the hardest part is I didn't read the book, missed class yesterday. I'm just used to dealing with claustraphobia from from my past. I don't really want to go into it right now. and also the loss with numbers. The damn cop told me to get out of my accounting. It's a mandatory class for my major. I just don't know what everything is I'm dealing with. I'm tired of looking at 50 years of combined church and windows.

:Fucking angry.

Going to go back to whatever gas station that is and get another 2 bags of ice and look like an idiot. upper division or whatever the damn getaway realization was. I'm just trying to sleep tonight and be happy with my life. It's a sad world in my head all the time remembering when I was a kid and sitting at a damn pool, I was tresspassing at. Without a key, because there was none. That's what happened. I remember the Sad Whale. Oh what I thought I should have been shown as a kid. Instead of a stupid elephant book. I don't like the fact that my Song county. Was just me trying to deal with no friends at that point. Doesn't that make my best friend the whale and me the stupid elephant. I don't know. Stupid shit I've learned to get away from on the internet. Now I'm blogging and trying to calm down for the night. I still don't know how to unlock the rest of this I don't know what to call it problem in my head. And don't know what's going on right now. I have this battle in my head to just type over 111 words a minute to get whatever scared the shit out my me out off my head. Stupid, but I'm not in control of whatever chopped up password hack I believe in incoming. I don't want to play anymore games with what I've got. But dumb shit happens. This go bad. and It's not any of my capital to begin with. it is about it. I'me still a liar. I don't live in a perfect world. I still don't understand how I got an A in theater. I feel as though I have an ethics violation to report myself. But, I don't know what is going away from me. The fear. The problems only I have. Yeah nice girls are cute, but they are not all right for me. I need to go ice my balls. ; and am not happy with whatever is going on .

Obviously, there is nothing for me to do tonight. It's a Friday and I'm fucking scared to death of all those team marketing cops and their fucking. I give up on the book for now. It's a lame ass riddle, but the race scared that I am. Has me wanting to go to Hawaii and stay there. I think I'll just keep my A in history. Get on out of here, when I get my money. I'm sick of being here and dealing with too many complicated variables. an my own problems. I think I'm smelling something I can't identify right now. I don't know what to do. I tried to go to Arden arcade today, but I don't have enough education. I'm an idiot. Stupid ass, what me needs to get to Hawaii to do a lot more with my life.I don't know if they have a way or not for me to stop researching and get away from my bitchified state. Got to go. I don't know what that smell is.

Just thinking how if I had written down everything I thought, I'd be a billionaire; by now. I plan on going to the VIP Opener game for the Kings. I had all these plans from Big John, in my head and Marc. Playing Raiden, I remember poohkey. You bet your ass, I remember because that's all I could learn really were the bad guys because I was treated like a bad guy character of no fault of Scott Claxton's. I just see if as a design flaw that the characters were bad guys in Mortal Kombat Trilogy whatever at that time. I hear the title is being transferred. Whatever that means. Some now happy happening; hapa champion (Will be crowned). I want to meet a girl at halftime. Because I'm only halfway through my life. Paul Cunningham says fucked up things like don't point at what you like in the club, which isn't right. Asshole. I remember it, because there's always a little copy and pasting going on. Wouldn't hurt to go viral; to stay on point said Joshua Murrillo; hahaha J-Rok from the Lair. Even though Steve, (S-Rock). Had what turned into an instagram joke. Pretty cool, I sold the Anarchist's Jokebook of jokes. I guess that's it.

I've heard things like; I don't do much interlacing. And then it perfectly added up in traffic. I never stabbed anyone, it's just a lie. There is no way. I want to keep writing this, but I don't like the fact that; there are so many things wrong in the see you tomorrow philosophy.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Moving tomorrow.

School server is never up overnight. Sitting here thinking about being physically frozen by John Bernhard Thuersam. My step father, if you know me. Isn't someone I thought I'd ever like to know. Not to talk shit or whatever, buy yeah call him out. This shit is slow going, being stuck here in a low level rat race promotion. The phone should ring. Because if I don't calm down. I'll be stressed out. I'm not a complaint department.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Getting to a higher stage (writing for myself).

There's levels to this, talking to someone with a varying degree of education or rather for us, talking about someone working on their next degree. I was just thinking about that, got a little creative on some sour sunset, but got locked out of my room and forgot about it--by the time. I was working on so much, (you reap what you sow thinking). I had so many different things I was trying to progress with minus any calculus (or even upper level math).

But was thinking over a little grouping with friends, by the time I'm able to invest in anything I'm aware of now, or even in the future. It will all have changed. I could have made enough money to live more comfortably had I never been robbed (2x) straight out of high school. I lost everything, my friends, my car, and my family were non-existent in total. Went on some hard drugs (way too much), without a business any longer or a job, and tried to turn over a new leaf when the flashback on the anarchist's cookbook sales made me want to get out of jail and be that proud child of the military again. Secretly wanting to be a hacker for the FBI, Navy Seal, and even a cop (join the bomb squad, SWAT). Well I realized when I was a kid, I had a lot of variables that most people have a least some of that were bad sectors in my brain (stemming from being exposed to pornographic thinking and feelings at a very early age). I could never associate that with people like me, because there were no other people like me (Makes me some super-rare goldmine of ideas in my opinion). I always had to help the other guy, try to see thing from a point of view that doesn't even relate to me at all (the African Americans). I grew up in the South, and it's dirty for a reason (which I will get into another time).

I never could join the military, and fell into a large cycle of wasted time and direction. I think everyone should blog in the hospital. I crunched a lot of shit away in my last post. I was afraid of getting negative feedback (and still kind of am), but realize any constructive criticism is only going to be beneficial as long as it leads in a direction. Although I am pretty stoked I've picked the highest paying major (of business) and have given up on the PHD ideas. Although interesting, it's way more work than I want to deal with in my freshman year of college. Although all the loopholes are not closed, I feel satisfied I at least got the messages out on a professional level that I hope, are enough for now. I've tried a few things other routes, like attempting to reach out to lawyers and such. But all of that has been no good in attempting communications with my IT background.

And hell yes, I'm still addicted to a few low level things. Of course porn, cigarettes, and music but hope to work through them within 5 years or less.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Levels to this ...

Why does nobody differentiate between associates degree level thought and conversation and other levels of education. Associate working towards (futurecasting).

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Always wanted to call 'em out on their lies.

There's a lot of things that need to be done with massive fucking action. I ask myself why I think that these things aren't happening in my life currently. But at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing. But, people don't it yet. These new people in my life that are adding up will make me more capable to compose our opinions in life and just talk.

I still need to vent (by getting drunk and working through my ex's) about all 58 of them. I've been out of the game for a minute, but am going forward into it head on. I was holding it down for a minute too. This marijuana has made me so much mo better relaxed. Seriously? Hell yes, I'm so much better on chatty social situations.

But true I stay on point, I'm coming to a collusion where I'm finding those that I like much more than those who don't. These goals I'm going to reach, these things I have to get done, and all that are going with--towards them too. These exstacy holes, the jailbait attitudes, and the tripling spiritually are all good (I'm staying positive and letting them go).

In the right sentencing of self. Going to Timmy Trumpet, to see my star go up. Really makes me giddy, I feel so much more confident and above love. I don't view it as a problem anymore thinking about my old life. I swear I had a lot of secrets there for awhile, holding back my own options for expressing my opinions.

Being at ease and relaxing, about to roll another in 2-4 hours. Call'em how I see them, I've got things to take care of. Blending with those dreams of places and things. It's about time, I don't let these things fade. But realize that they must brightly shine with the rest of the stars out there.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Password changing poop pickup.

This is a real no-brainer script. I must try to recreate the now suspect internal memos that were passed around (as a coverup) that were explaining how problems got promoted so that they could never ever ever want anything to do but for people like me to catch the criminals responsible for the crimes that perpetuated the fact that these people had to be known to me at some point or another and all the blurry screens filtered down to different crimes of various natures. Including myself and probably 98% of criminals out there. Still dealing with the fact that they don't have enough education (or suitable technology) for that matter that allows them to clear themselves. Enough to allow them to fully function in society at large in a manner that would allow them to "Be at the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing" (JTHS Graduation Motto 2000.) inscribed at the bottom changed my life and I knew I had to stop doing things illegal. There should be a boot camp for that (another business idea), although I don't know the point of classifications of how that work or who goes where. Scared to death, locked up, told to crawl out of a window by my attorney. I still don't know the answer to fight or flight. I was afraid I was going to die. Upon meeting my stepfather, denounced--the Lord our God.

Scared for the rest of my life, after that. Kids don't know how to fight at 3 years old. I'm communicating now, here on the internet. All over the jokes. You tell something to someone, dying to continue the conversation, and they don't even remember what you said. Time for lunch, and I don't give a fuck like right now.

Still lying to myself...

Wish I had time to remember everything, I want this to be a supportive community with communication between people. I really feel followers would be a lovely thing. Just feel like I accomplished something by bridging even though I don't feel safe enough because I'm not in a position to defend myself yet (I don't know how, I don't fight, and I would like to build stronger ties with law enforcement, the communities leaders, politicians, those in charge, and business people. It' s also not bad for me to get to know the little man (those people who are just everyday people), that I see in my neighborhood, workers at a store. Just being nice, it affected me so much seeing a girl in person that was nice. Kind of a trip (definitely) and just a time travel. I do remember know as I am writing things over about how to do it. There was a little bit of scion, but they've been axed by Toyota. RLOL (Roaring Laugh Out Loud).

Definitely feeling the Capella mode of Eminem in the silence, it's the last thing I heard. silence in-between songs. Really though I think about my friends and I don't know how to bridge that, catharsis is something I've been avoidance . I still find myself writing you instead of your. telling myself i have more to talk about and achieve and goals to reach more than what I'm just feeling like acting like now in my writing as a smart little man. I should think more about what's in the works now for fun and adventure instead of missing out on everything from my past life and try to forget everything on the bridge. But my bridge is loaded with items and people and it's a very happy city on both sides. I'm talking tech, and keys, lovely cars parked on both sides. I really realized I'm, dealing with myself for no reason. I don't have those people in my life.

Plan on writing recommendations for people as to what they should use and buy, in truth I must be using it for my own gains, and feel as if I am still programming a perfect world I made up. In my anarchy scripture (of all over the place). Still trying to defuse my dis-functional Christianity on into spirituality.

As I'm writing this I am still covering up all my forced mental health problems of being in plagiarism (my form of insanity).