Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Personal Digest----"Closer to the prize at the end of the road".

Might as well write this for me. As usual, there are no friends or even random encounters. I see myself still typing out in "elite". Might as well not even focus on the Psych Fuck I went through. No one really has any conversations of substance, as I always have to check myself in what I say it seems like. As I get closer and closer to my dad and him collecting his money. It's a whole new life. But I'm already halfway through at 35. Due to the laws, I can't go back and collect the last 16 years of malpractice. I guess holding off my body from becoming ugly wasn't a good idea. But then again with the facts, it must have been. I've been homeless for a good part of these last few years and unable to catch up or find a way to any gateway or person I could speak with on a regular basis and would be mother figure that I so desperately need. I did learn some things, I think enough. But even my counselor said we all wants friends, and that's true. I need a circle of actually older college age people or something. Some social group that's well balanced in genetics, gender, and agenda. I want to make more money than I need in the future. I want to be well off, and instead of falling into these infomercials, make money quickly schemes, or any MLM. I'm already looking into a new job bracket. Unless I can get a patent on something or some intellectual copyrights. I'll need to avoid being a Tour Manager because I don't know if I'll have any insurance in case something happens to me physically and how I would be able to live my life after all the psyching I've already gone through. Enough is enough---the buck stops here, I couldn't deal with myself if I had to live after a total loss of a life. No kids, hey---at least my Dad had one. I need some kids much less a wife and a stable relationship, but the gas at night and the really urgent need to pee short distances syndrome going on. I think it's clearing up. I didn't have to take any DHA, I have been drinking milk by the gallon, and water all day long---like I used too. I do need to work out, join a gym, get a trainer, a haircut, launder and disinfect this dumpster junk couch. that is actually pretty nice---L shape, brown fabric cushions, and black faux leather. Anyways I have to go dry my laundry again, I left it in for not enough time and the place is closed. I'll do it tomorrow, I'm out of clothes and even though I should dress up for an interview I have online for 10 minutes for a weekend position for Intel. Not many hours but it gets a star in my book for finally finding a contract from a company that may help in my future career pursuits once I at least finish the other half of my associates.

I'm still semi-interested in a film major, but I believe business is going to pay better, both could be worse. I can still switch to something at a higher level that may specialize in a film agent or intellectual copyright law. I still would like something exciting, though and not low, local, regional, or state level---unless it reaches to a bigger market. Although interesting, I'd have to get into shape and have that insurance to go on tour---the same thing as if I were famous.

I'm still pissed Hector never returned my possessions. I may get the itemization done tomorrow through a friend who freshly graduated from UCD. Of course, I'm paying him, but that's just not the kind of work I want to repeat, I've done way too much similar work for barely anything to try to do that. My mind is so much better off now that I've got people doing work for me. Jesus Christ, yes!!!

Rationalizing (which I need to stop doing) the fact that this conversational blog is so much more in depth that the conversation I imagined myself having with Sarah, my ex.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Work, school, and finishing up recovering all my assets while the bills stack.

So this campaign for Sprint will be all over at 4 pm on NYE. Making good money at $25 (bonus) in management for what seems like a more permanent title. Field Manager, for modernpromos.com, if you sign up use my email as a reference. timmy.lan@aol.com.

...Didn't get rolled into any type of work other than the work of looking for work and learning on this job which is every second you can put into your own business is just going to give you more money to spend in the wrong places. Anyone know a financial consultant to recommend how to spend my money and ways and amount SBN weeks it will take me to earn said capital.

My School is starting for me on the 17th, they kind of forced my hand sending me to ARC when I'd rather have gone to FLC or CRC. Been talking to my DSPS counselor to pick classes and have an EOPS one available too. So now I have to worry about getting paid on the 17th, it should be enough for books and the mystery $500 tuition I have to pay. I don't know what's up with that.

...The 17th might be the 18th but I'm too way horny to check.

...Molla doesn't read this but is friend friendly enough to tell me that I just had to wait out the tuition is dropped back down to a good ole $25 but I still can't afford to pay it, yet...

I just got my Kodi box for $35 (thinking about selling them for $50 online at of the various resources I've found online, got discounts on Sprint, PG&E, SMUD, and had a discount internet on Comcast Xfinity but the speed was soo low I couldn't stream.

...I wonder why I shouldn't say this but I wonder how much the federal enforcement costs would be on Kodi. Last I kept up with news they don't pursue end users of the types of crimes I'm committing.

Dad can suck a dick if he trolls me on the phone or via email instead of leaving his little girly objections on a comment online without an excuse that Dad can't. WTFHHFGDPOSBS.

What I may be doing and How to do it. An update that's way too short

This might be me after the on the 8th. Except without an RV in my car. I may be getting evicted from my Courtside, yes which is insane to me. My story is so long and complicated I just got done telling it to everyone. But I'm waiting to get word I've finished my modernpromos.com Field Market Manager campaign contract. As I said, contracts are contracts I may not get my full $1,000. It may be a lesser amount and could be potential late enough to cause the eviction. Yes, I'm smart and have told them all of this that I could manage to tell them. I have money incoming schedules and am waiting on everything to Quicken and TurboTax attach to my bank account, little funny. I did glean some useable ideas I think saved in my Notes on my I-phone. But I owe $440 to Sprint right now who I just worked for as they were the client. I don't think I'm even supposed to discuss that legally but I have to truth to my own blog and whoever reads it reads it. I did get stabilized on my medication but I have to go see my new psych doctor who I already want to switch to the woman I say today there while I got a 2 weeks refill as I was out all day today of lithium. I am trying to reach out and receive some Xanax and Adderall but have not been successful now better seeing and experiencing those things that would be required.

...until I get a personal assistant I have to find time for a life away from my phone, iPad, and laptop. Trying to find people who pass my test to do work for me. I know the pitch order I just accepted some losses and feel as if I need favorite teams ESPN winning feed to be to be able to take care of what I need to take care of. No wife, no life, and I could use a cheerleader in my life.

...I'm nearing completion of my book. The writing, the companies, and the ideas are coming together as I have a product (although not cut and dry yet) that is legal and I put potential into second I'm working on the book or anything related. I'm trying to warn you, folks. I've had 16 years of wasted life as an American, in America, and due to the laws, I can't even sue for medical malpractice. I always viewed this as rich hobbies now I'm finally pursuing. But I never became rich in America is the problem, not yet.

...I still have 8 larger sources of income and I realize Target has great online help and so does Sprint worldwide. As I like the future of the way of where this is going last year since. Targets' is more real, though (I'm sure that Fatboy Ricky Thompson his working for them and stealing through hacking still---little bitch ass still owes me money). As does Gurkesh Singh still owes me the rest of the total of $325 in keys costs that he stole and lost like the first night in the apartment. Although interesting I would never be able to keep a 4.0 there in that apartment #245 in The U at Davis. The apartment may not get paid rent by me as I do owe them but there is the case of the keys and my phone and laptop which I didn't have theft coverage for. As that must be what happened since they were gone back when I went to check on them. I had to use the laptop I gave my Dad, Father had to send them back to me. I did give this link to the other Los Rios student in the house so I hope amnesty and reimbursement pursue each other in the house as I did not hear anything from them. I've got more phone calls to make towards future deeds amount of work and a few voicemail I'm not entirely sure how to capitalize on yet. Yes, I'm trying a little bit not to trip too much on the fact that I'm trying to build up a deed secure, funded, and comfortable enough to get the that God Damn retainer from Good Will Hunting. Hae HEA Hae. Going to publish from a few days ago and dig into receivable #9 right now.