Sunday, July 16, 2017

I'm really tired of being the one jerked off without words.

Now that nothing is over, I don't really know if people are dead or not. I've only come to the conclusion people really are cops and that's the way it has to be. Except I'm absolutely positive that I know I've been ripped off for my time like any military soldier has been or civilian of what they know. Every location I've ever been there is always some asshatted motherfucker using me up in my time and energy of thoughts. Every fake fraudulent pranking son of a Bitch. I really think about the military numbers and wonder if they even exist. Because since everything is so overprotect, how do you reach out to any of them? They are always running around walking fast in camoflauge placeholding shit for some other motherfucker hunting on their life.  Placated by porn and it's strange delivery systems. Since I've had to wait all my life for a real fucking relationship without interference, I'm obviously so poor now still fucking waiting for it to happpen. Endless like interviews of conspiratorial ugly and poor people. Waste my fucking time in my head. Now everything I've written goes up on down and out to a mainstream media. Trying to sue people with a chopped up line of defense and an educational deficit as well. So much wrong shit has happpened to me. People are fucking insane and that makes me insanely brilliant...

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