Thursday, July 13, 2017

Random thoughts.

I feel like shit and have for a long time. A little bit too short and unsweetened. Thinking about the party division in November. Holidays upcoming and my plans to travel away permanently. Not like I've found a red headed doll to fall in love with. Even though that would be like going from good to great. I don't have anyone who gives a fuck how I feel. To keep it real. No reason of mine to carry around a line anymore. Niggers, chunks, and faggots molest my mind and have wasted my life. I can't work anymore because of the latest robbery even though I shouldn't blame myself because of my fucking name. Not happy with it. Fucking. People in charge. Of money and everything else are idiots.  I'm going  fail another class because It won't work online. I really want t transfer to a better area but I know that's going to be a big move. Especially since I don't have any solid contacts anywhere. Tbh I only have a few different groups I know and not the ones I'd like to know. So I'll have to weed people out all over again dealing with all the vullshit and the losses. No help from anybody. Since I'm some poor guy, fucking good looking. Doesn't help me situate what. Need to do, I always imagined I'd own a studio condo that was new furnished the way I'd IKEA like it. You know, a waterbed cali king sized,      Big ass life's good tv combination entertainment center, everything tech I buy should already be legally prepaid and fully equipped. I don't ever want to have to type in another password or confirm a fucking add persons ad delivery to me. I think I'll stick mainstream, especially premium only, but it's getting old not being able to buy hookers. It really only takes one to get started back into the game. But this time around I feel I'd rather close the loop and stay on top of these bitches. Too many times I'm running around with no crew, I'll reach the pot of gold myself and not have a friendly face to follow me. I really realize I must be better running with myself and am better off alone until I find what I'm looking for. Since these are some pretty songs and interfaced in. I'm not really happy with the fact that I'll just be sent to a strip club to lose my virginity by myself and not even be able to break all the rules because you think I was cool. Or even keep the girl because it's against the rules. Rather start running in the mornings and eatin well. But it's hard to even get in more than two meals a day. Have to run off to the food bank, hard to keep control of my money when everyone around me is preying on it. Can't save shit, even when I make shit. I don't believe there is an honest rich kid in America who would help me out in a limitless way, I wouldn't know what to say.

Don't feel like typing he way I should, I wouldn't have had any problems had I armed my own security system but nobody taught me just the fuck how that works. Thanks for evicting me when you failed to do that. Nice to have my neighbor across the street fuck me in the mouth. Satan theory lately..assholes coming over because I don't even know how people got my address. People talking about me all the time except I failed to be included in the conversation so I don't know what's going on. No one claims to know wevryone else that I know. Friends that came through just looking at what I got to rob me of everything. Idiots who bring their friends over just to destroy my place. I'm always looking at like one person a crew to take away and build a better one of my own but it never happens.  I'm a leader and not a follower. It doesn't matter much what people have done to me. It's just a waste of life that they continuely get away with it. Such a fine line being raised by Satan and no my father. Sent to dwell in an alien world and the fucking sound kept changing what I thought to say. No one cared to look in on me, both sides of the family just wanting me to have kids and didn't give a fuck about my goals. Ic3 complaint center bullshit you can't even send in one unless you make shit up just to finish their dumb ass form. Thanks alibaba.com for ruining my credit the first time around with your  scams. Just some of the things going on. I'm so fucked I need a completely new identity. Bitches over the phone who scam and cheat right in the office. I even had a whole card for 20k wiped by a bankruptcy and they get away Scott free. Fucking can't even sign myself on a place to live because I keep losing from everybody else around me, that's the truth. I only imagine a gypsy would say to me, Timmy You just got to get some Americans to fucking listen too you. Because that's the only sensible option to solve your problems. All this crime going on right around me, just ruining my grades, credit, and mind. Bad advice from everyone I know. Even though it's great to have a porch with a view of the sky at night, semi out in the country even so that the light doesn't block the stars and the moon. Dealing wit th what I have to its like someone with a B attaining someone with an A.

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